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Consumer Protections & Rights


Licensure of Assisted Living

  • Two tiers of licensing – Assisted Living and Assisted Living with Memory Care

  • Establishes minimum standards of care, training and staffing

  • Rulemaking taking place 2019 – 2020

  • Effective August 1, 2021


Consumer Protections and Rights

  • Protections from: Arbitrary termination and retaliation.

  • Allows Elderly Waiver residents to continue living in the facility.

  • ‘I’m Ok’ checks must be clearly communicated.

  • Electronic monitoring clarified – effective 1/1/20.

  • Protection of elderly waiver residents.


Victims Fund Established

  • Compensates victims of maltreatment

  • Effective now and until 2021when Assisted Living Licensure becomes effective


Increased Funding for Regulatory Oversight

  • Supported significant funding increases for the Department of Health and 17 new staff for the Office of Ombudsman for Long Term Care

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