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Disability Voice Advocates (DiVA) was launched in 2024 as a program of Elder Voice Advocates (EVA).


The quality care challenges of elders and people with disabilities align in many ways. Together we can unite the voices of older adults and adults with disabilities to create high impact advocacy.

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Public Policy Initiatives

 A group of adults with disabilities and family members are enthusiastically coming together and beginning their work with a focus on stopping Waiver Reimagine as currently planned. EVA Board member and disability rights attorney Misti Okerlund is leading this initiative.

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Addressing the Inequities of Waiver Reimagine

DiVA is introducing a bill to halt the inequities of Waiver Reimagine, which is the name for the Minnesota Department of Human Services’ plan to reconsolidate the four current disability waivers into two new waivers, which are based on where a person with disabilities lives instead of their support needs.
People with disabilities living in their own homes and family homes will receive a fraction of the budgets they would receive if they were living in congregate care, such as group homes. The budget inequities between the two new waivers will have a devastating impact on the ability of high-needs people with disabilities to live in their own homes and family homes and may force many into institutional settings.

Testimony Against Waiver Reimagine

On March 18, 2024, Misti Okerlund and fellow disability advocates shared testimony for the Minnesota Senate Human Services committee hearing.

Ms. Thompson is a Minnesotan with disabilities and strong disability advocate who has concerns about Waiver Reimagine, which is the name that the Minnesota Department of Human Services calls their intended revamping of Minnesota's disability system. She provided video testimony for the Waiver Reimagine Hearing on March 18, 2024.

Urgent Need To Protect Those Under Guardianship – HF3483/SF3438

MN is believed to be the only state that grants immunity to guardians for their own acts of negligence.
Guardians are immune from liability based on new court interpretation
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Persons under guardianship are at risk of harm
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Minnesota is an Outlier
Our bill clarifies that a guardian is liable for acts or omissions that are wanton, reckless or intentional; violates the law; or breaches a fiduciary duty.
We are also proposing the establishment of a Task Force on Guardianship which will be tasked with making recommendations, such as exploring guardian certification or licensure, establishing standards of practice, researching the prevalence of guardianship abuse and how to prevent it, and securing ongoing funding for the guardian and conservator administrative complaint process.

How to Advocate

We provide resources for contacting your state legislator and contacting your representative.

DiVA News

DiVA News


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Guardianship Immunity

Invite others with disabilities and families to join our coalition.

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