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Send An Email to Your State Legislator

How To Address Your Legislator

You want to contact your state legislator, great! But where do you start? When contacting your state legislator it is important that you have a clear message regarding the issue you want them to address. Use our email guidelines as a launching point for your next correspondence.

Lawyers in Lobby

Contact Your Representative

Find Your State Senator and Representative and US Senator and Representative

Who represents me? Find your local and state representatives using Geographic Information services.

Conversation in Court

The Lawmaking Process

How A Bill Becomes Law

The first step of the lawmaking process is to transform an idea into a specific proposal for a law. The proposal may be for a new law, for changing current law or for repealing a law. The proposal may originate from a variety of sources: individuals, public interest groups, state agencies or businesses. For an idea to become law, though, it must be introduced as a bill by a member of the Legislature.

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From Idea to Law:

A Young Person's Guide to the Legislative Process

Everyone in Minnesota, no matter their age, is affected by the laws passed by our Legislature. This booklet is about the legislative process; in other words, how laws are made.

Like the rest of the United States, Minnesota is governed according to the legislative process resulting in rules or laws that guide the actions of the people.

How to Advocate

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