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Advocacy Accomplishments


Created the only Advocacy organization focused on protecting Elders and Vulnerable Adults living in long-term care facilities.


Achieved legislative reform of the assisted living industry through:

Licensing of Assisted Living Residences in Minnesota
Expanded Protections for Elders

Proactive media outreach that succeed in elevating awareness of elder abuse, neglect, and exploitation both locally and nationally.


Spearheaded the Minnesota Department of Health reorganization by advocating for an audit by the Minnesota Legislative Auditor and successfully advocated for greater transparency of Minnesota Department of Health Office of Health Facility Complaints.

Significant national and state recognition of Elder Voice Leaders for their advocacy work.

The Vision of Elder Voice

A society that values elders and vulnerable adults with abuse-free, respectful care.

Research of Mistreatment

Conduct applied research on various forms of mistreatment in long-term care homes to inform public policy and prevention.

Support & Guidance

Provide support and guidance to family members of residents mistreated in long-term care and assisted living facilities.

The Voice of Our Elders

Giving real voice for vulnerable elders and their families with regards to their rights and protections from mistreatment.

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