Elder abuse is a violation of human rights and significant cause of illness, injury, loss of productivity, isolation, and despair.

World Health Organization



Elder Voice Family Advocates (Elder Voice) is a coalition of family members and others who have experienced abuse, neglect and exploitation of loved ones who receive services from long-term care providers.


​Elder Voice also strives to create a safe space for families to empower them and others to be effective advocates on key issues.


A society that values elders and vulnerable adults with abuse-free, respectful care.



To stop abuse, neglect and exploitation of elder and vulnerable adults by educating the public, policy makers, industry and others about maltreatment happening in long-term care facilities and the need to have effective laws, policy and enforcement.



Respecting and protecting the human right for excellent and respectful care of all elders and vulnerable adults and recognizing and supporting the many dedicated caregivers.



Elder Voice gives family and others a public voice to engage, support, educate, expose and advocate:


  • ENGAGING with the general public, providers, regulators, legislators, and other advocacy groups to address concerns and to seek solutions regarding the quality of care from senior living, home care and long-term care providers.

  • SUPPORTING residents and individuals dealing with the trauma of experiencing harm to their loved one and to caregivers dealing with the stresses of giving quality care to elders and vulnerable adults.

  • EDUCATING residents, families, general public, policy makers, and stakeholders on areas of concern and issues surrounding the quality of care from senior living, home care and long-term care providers. 

  • EXPOSING, as necessary, issues regarding the quality of care from senior living, home care and long-term care providers. 

  • ADVOCATING for legislative and regulatory solutions to govern care received from senior living, home care and long-term care providers that protect the residents from abuse, neglect and unsafe care.

OFFICERS and Executive Director

Executive Director:


   Kristine Sundberg

Board of Directors include:

    Jean Peters, President
    Kay Bromelkamp, Treasurer

    Patti Lazarus

    Anne Sterner

    Mike Zehrer


Other founding members include Kristine Sundberg, attorney Suzanne Scheller, gerontologist Eilon Caspi, PhD and former memory care provider Judy Berry.

Engage   |   Support    |   Educate   |   Expose  |   Advocate