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Looming Threat of Forcing Institutionalization by Waiver Reimagine

SF 4733

EVA is focused on the threat form the MN Department of Human Services' plan to reconfigure the Waiver Reimagine program. This program will base reimbursement on where a person lives, not on their needs. Using this method will lower rates by as much as 30 – 50% less than what they are currently getting while congregate care will get much higher rates.

EVA board member and disability rights advocate, Misti Okerlund brought this to light last year when she took the Cindy Hagen case, pro bono, and finally won justice for Cindy.

Such changes could significantly impact individuals' access to necessary support services and compromise their independence and risks forcing people with disabilities from their homes into to congregate or institutional care.

Senator Hoffman facilitated a pivotal hearing, compelling the Department of Human Services to report on their implementation plans for the Waiver Reimagine program. Importantly, individuals with disabilities and their families were afforded a platform to voice their concerns, effectively demonstrating the gravity of the situation to policymakers.

The success of this hearing underscores the urgency of our advocacy efforts. It provides a vital platform to continue our fight against forced institutionalization and to ensure that the voices of those most affected are heard and heeded. Let's seize this momentum and press forward in our mission to safeguard the rights and dignity of individuals with disabilities. Join us in urging policymakers to take decisive action this pressing issue.


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