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Elder abuse reform returning to Minnesota Legislature: ‘It’s time to be serious’

An unchecked infection claims a life.

"The physician stated that if the client was treated for the illness earlier, s/he may have had a different outcome."

A burn goes untreated and takes another.

"The resident's primary physician ... stated she did not receive notifications of the changes in the burn size and condition."

These are among the most serious recent write-ups the Minnesota Department of Health has handed out to health facilities in St. Louis County. Since 2015, the state investigated more than 160 allegations of elder neglect, abuse and financial exploitation at nursing homes and other care providers here — 24 of which were substantiated, including five deaths.

The bottom line in many of those cases? They could have been avoided.

By Brooks Johnson on Dec 8, 2018 at 4:00 p.m. Duluth News Tribune

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So Minnesota Nice, the last state to create laws holding Assisted Living Facilities accountable. My mother recently passed and unfortunately it was because of inaction by staff and Minnesota's hospitals, nursing homes and clinics. When I complained to state agencies and expected quick, positive decisive results I got nothing. Nothing. What ever happened to the State supporting Person Centered/Family Centered Care. The State of Minnesota is complicit along with Minnesota Health Care Industry for Elderly Abuse in my opinion.

How can I connect with someone in this organization and share my moms story. There are so many other stories that need to be told and shared. Congrats on your success, Hope to hear from you soon, val

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