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Significant Elder Care Reform Legislation


2019 was a watershed year for our elders and vulnerable adults living in assisted living facilities throughout the state of Minnesota. We are moving from being the only state that didn’t license assisted living facilities to finally being able to hold our heads higher, knowing that significant improvement in quality care and enforcement is now or soon to become law. 

It took the teamwork of a new and powerful coalition of advocates to get this accomplished. AARP, Legal Aid - Mid Minnesota and others were aggressively advocating and lobbying for this reform alongside of Elder Voice. It was a tough challenge but in the final hours of the legislative session it was passed and signed into law by Governor Walz on May 30, 2019.


HF 90 (Representative Jennifer Schultz and Senator Karin Housley as chief authors) was passed in the Senate with no ‘nay’ votes. The House of Representatives, however, was primarily a party line vote with the Democratic majority party voting 73 yes and 45 Republicans voting no. The Senate vote was 64 Yea, 0 Nay.


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