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Congratulations to Elder Voice Board Member Eilon Caspi, PhD

Winner of a 2022 National Mature Media Award!

The book was awarded Silver in the Book category, (Publications/Editorial, National Media).

About the Book

Understanding what may provoke a person with dementia to respond in a physically or verbally harmful manner is the key to prevention and mitigation. This book provides the first care standard for the field, presenting practical tools and instruction on how to identify contributing factors, causes, unmet needs, and triggers that commonly lead to serious distress or injury, sometimes even death.

Emphasizing compassionate, person-directed care practices, author Eilon Caspi describes numerous psychosocial strategies to use to prevent and de-escalate situations prior to, during, and after harmful resident-to-resident interactions. Included are dozens of real-life examples illustrating what does and does not work in addressing these episodes.

About the National Mature Media Awards

The 31st annual National Mature Media Awards recently honored the nation’s best marketing, communications, educational materials, and programs produced for older adults. The awards program, presented by the Mature Market Resource Center, a national clearinghouse for the senior market, is the largest program of its kind. The awards were created to annually recognize the best materials produced for those who are 50 and older, the nation’s fastest-growing population group.

The winners were selected by a distinguished panel of judges from across the United States, which represent years of expertise working in the mature market. A complete list of this year's winners can be found here.


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