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Case 5 - Financial Exploitation

Delay in Public Posting of Findings

This is a case of the substantiated claim of financial exploitation in 2015. Video evidence of the incident revealed that a CNA was opening and looking in personal drawers while providing assistance in the bathroom during the night. The video was shared with facility management but nine days later, the camera revealed a different CNA assisting the client in the bathroom at an unscheduled time, opening drawers in a cabinet, putting jewelry into her pockets, then leaving the apartment without providing further assistance to the client. Police were called, and management was notified within 15 minutes of the incident. The perpetrator was not supervised while waiting for police to arrive. The perpetrator admitted the theft to police and produced some rings taken. More jewelry was discovered missing afterwards, but never recovered.

The OHFC investigation was completed after 3 months. But the information was not available online for many months afterward. The facility was marketing itself as “voted best," yet the data from this substantiated claim and another from the same time period were not made available to the public.

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