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Alzheimer's Speaks Radio Interview with Board Member Eilon Caspi

What I've Learned About Grandma's Memory: A New Children's Book on Alzheimer's Disease

A New Children's Book on Alzheimer's Disease

Lori La Bey talks with Eilon Caspi who is a Gerontologist, Dementia Behavior Specialist; Assistant Research Professor at the University of Connecticut; Founding member and board member of Elder Voice Advocates, and Author.

Also joining us is Kate Goebel who is a music therapist, entrepreneur, and owner of Kate's Musical Memories and KG Freelance. Her background in a variety of healthcare settings and specialization in memory loss helped to bring to life the imagery of a grandma's memory loss through the eyes of her granddaughter.


1. How a 10-year-old looks at dementia differently.

2. To shift from a medical model to a social holistic model of care.

3. How to communicate, create, and experience joy.

4. Why trusting relationships are so important.

5. To overcome stigmas, to relearn how to care.

6. About Naomi Feil’s Validation Method.

7. How this book can change lives and how we live alongside dementia.

Eilon Caspi: Book Author

Kate Goebel Book Designer

Michelle Ignatowicz Book Illustrator

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