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I'm Sorry Dad

by Kris Sundberg

I have needed to say this out loud for over 5 years. I am sorry Dad.

Actually, I need to scream it. I am sorry for so many things.

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I Should Have Listened

I should have listened to you more carefully, watched you more lovingly and helped you everyday, not just when I ‘had time.’

I knew you would never complain or ask for help. But why did I just go about my life and not take more time for you? Help you? Listen to you? Be with you? 

You Were Found 7 Days Later

I am sorry Dad. You should never have been humiliated in death the way you were. But where was I? There are no excuses. I wasn’t there.

Your hands were clasped together as if in prayer cushioning your head from the floor. That is how they found your body 7 days later.

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I Am So Profoundly Sorry Dad

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It Was Just A Warehouse

Why didn’t I take action, when there were clear signs that your new home was no home at all? It was just a warehouse.

I am so sorry Dad. I failed you so many times. 


Dad, I promise you this - I will honor your memory by working every day of my life to hold those warehouses for elders accountable for their shameful neglectful, abusive, disrespectful and unloving care.

No more

No more will I sit quietly while these operators promote this ‘business model’ as benchmark solutions for our elders.

I will tell the truth - too many of these facilities are a heartbreaking failure causing unfathomable, needless suffering and death.

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Your Daughter,

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