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Public Policy Advocacy 2024: Waiver Reimagine Inequities

Urgent Need to Prevent Budget Reduction for Those Living in their Home

DiVA is working to raise awareness of the inequities of Waiver Reimagine program, which is the name for the Minnesota Department of Human Services’ (DHS)plan to reconsolidate the four current disability waivers into two new waivers, which are based on where a person with disabilities lives instead of their support needs.

People with disabilities living in their own homes and family homes will receive a fraction of the budgets they would receive if they were living in congregate care, such as group homes. The budget inequities between the two new waivers will have a devastating impact on the ability of high-needs people with disabilities to live in their own homes and family homes and may force many into institutional settings.

For individuals with disabilities living in their home, any reduction of funding threatens their ability to get the support they receive will have detrimental impact on their quality of life, independence, and ability to remain in their preferred living environment.

Members of the Waiver Reimagine Advisory Council are alarmed with the failure of DHS to seriously consider their significant concerns and recommendations. We seek a true collaboration with DHS that results in a well-planned program that protects the rights and care options for the disability community.


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