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Help to File a Complaint

Prompt action is vital. Write down what you know about something you think may be a violation, such as location, names, times, etc.

Potential Maltreatment May Include

  • Physical or emotional abuse of any resident/patient/client of a licensed facility.

  • Sexual abuse, meaning any sexual contact between a staff member and a resident.

  •  Unreasonable confinement of a resident.

  • Neglect, meaning failure to provide reasonable and necessary care.

  • Financial exploitation, including fraud or theft from a vulnerable adult or taking a resident’s medications for their own use.

Three Step System

Elder Voice Advocates suggests a three step system if you suspect or witness the abuse or neglect of a vulnerable individual whether they live in their own home, a nursing home or an assisted living/memory care facility. 

  1. Call Minnesota Adult Abuse Reporting Center (MAARC) Toll free 1.844.880.1574

  2. Call the local police department in the city where your loved one is residing and file a police report.

  3. Report the abuse or suspected abuse to your loved one’s primary care provider.

Minnesota Adult Abuse Reporting Center (MAARC)

Call the Minnesota Adult Abuse Reporting Center (MAARC) at 844-880-1574 (toll free) if you suspect maltreatment of a vulnerable adult or if you are aware of an unexplained injury of a resident/patient/client of a licensed facility.

Office of Health Facility Complaints

For more information about the complaint process, contact the Office of Health Facility Complaints at 651-201-4200 or

Minnesota Board of Nursing

The mission of the Minnesota Board of Nursing is to protect the public's health and safety through regulation of nursing education, licensure and practice.


Additional Contact Options:

  • ​Local police at 911 for serious or urgent situations

  • Primary Care Doctor


Elder Voice Advocates is not affiliated with any organization and makes no representation as to the validity and content of any resources.  The links and resources are provided to be helpful and to provide further information.

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