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How to File a Complaint

Three Step System

Elder Voice Advocates suggests a three step system if you suspect or witness the abuse or neglect of a vulnerable individual whether they live in their own home, a nursing home or an assisted living/memory care  facility. 

  1. Call Minnesota Adult Abuse Reporting Center (MAARC)

      Toll free 1.844.880.1574

  1. Call the local police department in the city where your loved one is residing and file a police report.

  2. Report the abuse or suspected abuse to your loved one’s primary care provider.

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Elder Voice Advocates is not affiliated with any organization and makes no representation as to the validity and content of any resources.  The links and resources are provided to be helpful and to provide further information.


Adults 18 years and over can call toll free:


The first step is to call MAARC who will get the information and pass it on to the OHFC. This reporting line is confidential and your identity cannot be released without a court order.

  • Press option 1 to report the suspected abuse or neglect.

  • Press option 2 to listen to information about MAARC.

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