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Update on Assisted Living Licensure

This video details the Minnesota House Human Services & Finance Policy Committee meeting on January 26, 2021. The slide deck was created by the Minnesota Department of Health and is available separately as a downloadable pdf at the bottom of this page.

We at Elder Voice Family Advocates (EVFA) will continue to push for a strong licensure process and robust rule making for nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and long- term care facilities throughout Minnesota. As an organization, we center the voices of residents and their families in an effort to ensure quality, compassionate care is available to all. The advocates at EVFA have been instrumental in bringing forth a licensure process for care facilities in Minnesota. We are the last state to take such steps to hold care providers, facilities, and systems accountable to the needs and rights of residents and families. We ask that you support our efforts to establish effective policies that protect residents and their families this legislative session.

012621 House Human Services - Assisted L
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