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Letter to the Editor - Star Tribune

Elder Voice's Kristine Sundberg reminds us that "the devil is in the details."

Let's remember that the devil is in the details. The "$1 billion plan aimed at 'dire' care staffing" issues in long-term care residences (front page, April 10, 2022) will be effective only if at least 90% of it goes directly to the nurses, personal care assistants and other direct care staff. When they are fairly compensated, the staff shortages will subside, the quality of care will improve and the owners will make a healthy profit.

We applaud the legislators stepping up to help the workers of long-term care, but please make sure the legislation states clearly that the direct care staff, not the executives and owners, get 90% of the increased funding. Vague language must be eliminated. Staff shortages have been a decades-long problem perpetrated by this industry as a way to enhance profits.

Our mothers, fathers, spouses and other loved ones deserve to be cared for by fairly compensated, trained and supported staff.

Kristine Sundberg, Excelsior

The writer is executive director of Elder Voice Family Advocates.


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