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Lauren Thompson

Disability Advocate & Person with Disability

Born with cerebral palsy, being a disability rights advocate has brought purpose to Lauren’s life. She has been a disability rights advocate for twelve years, concentrating on virtual civic engagement and communications for eight years.


Lauren has an associate degree in liberal arts from North Hennepin Community College and is a graduate of Partners in Policymaking Minnesota. She has been active with a variety of state agencies including the Minnesota Council on Disability. Most recently, she served on the Waiver Reimagine Advisory Committee.


She has been a community advocate with SEIU Healthcare Minnesota and Iowa for six years, representing the homecare client perspective on policy matters, and serving on homecare contract bargaining teams. Improving homecare has been a primary focus because, like many of her friends, Lauren needs homecare to survive every day. Due to the care crisis, Lauren has been forced to rely on congregate homecare services such as group homes, and assisted living services for most of her adult life.

Lauren Thompson
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