All Legislators Must Be Asked to
Not Support SF745

The MN Senate seems determined to pass this very harmful legislation. The right to sue in court for maltreatment of our loved ones must be protected. This is one of the remaining means of getting accountability. 

Minnesotans can easily find their state and national level officials

While you do not need to be an expert, you should feel prepared to state the problem, the action you are requesting, and the reason the cause resonates with you clearly and succinctly. You can review an official's voting record here.

You can contact your official by phone, post, or email. During COVID-19, email is preferred. Keep your message brief, but do not hesitate to share your story. Officials need to hear how legislation impacts the constituents to whom they are accountable. Find great tips to get you started:

While it might be tempting to reach out to an entire committee, many officials do not track input from non-constituents. By only contacting your officials, you ensure your message is tracked and avoid clogging lines of communication for other constituents.

Listen as Joel Carlson, Minnesota Government Relations Consultant for the Minnesota Association for Justice, and Suzanne Scheller, Founder and Legal Advisor of Elder Voice Family Advocates discuss why this immunity legislation would prevent accountability for maltreatment, how it could encourage greater harm, and what you can do to stop it. View here