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Minnesota senior community pushes back against 'astronomical' rent hikes

Janet Dahlquist expected to spend the rest of her life at Autumn Glen in Coon Rapids but is moving out after a steep rent hike.

The seniors who live at Autumn Glen apartments in Coon Rapids gather for Bible study each morning and bring flowers and pastries to residents too frail to attend.But this placid scene turned angry last month, after the facility’s owner announced steep rent increases that are uprooting residents and rending longtime friendships.

Dozens of elderly residents, including many with disabilities and serious ailments, received notice late last year that their rent would increase by $300 to $500 a month, or 15 to 30 percent. Suddenly, apartments that many had called home were beyond their reach. Some moved out immediately. Others are busy packing for an exodus this spring.


By Chris Serres Star Tribune FEBRUARY 11, 2018 — 7:50AM


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