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'Lives will be saved': New protections for Minnesota seniors in assisted living go into effect

Together we moved a mountain of resistance and widespread long-term care misinformation to achieve the passage and enactment of the Elder Care Reform Legislation. This Star Tribune article focuses on the work of Elder Voice Family Advocates and that is wonderful. But it was the courage of so many of you who told your heartbreaking stories to the media, legislators and regulators that made the final enactment today of this historic law a reality.

We also thank the Department of Health for making the heroic effort to keep the rulemaking on track so we could keep the August 1, 2021 effective date. It was extraordinary that they were able to complete the rules during this pandemic. Their personal sacrifice, long hours, stressful pressures and pure determination made this a reality now, not a year from now.

Our work is not done. We need to stay strong to protect this law from attempts to strip away any of these protections and requirements. Also, there are key issues that need to be addressed such as infection control standards; staff protections/equity safeguards and livable wage; improving Department of Health funding to ensure effective oversight and enforcement of this law; increasing governmental reimbursement to long-term care providers for public assistance recipients; and much more.

The sole focus of Elder Voice is in on the wellbeing of the residents and families of long-term care. No other organization has this razor focus and track record of success.

Go to our website to donate any amount that you can by check or credit card. [link to the website page] Without your support this life saving work would not be possible.

Read the Star Tribune article here

Picture by David Joles of the Star Tribune

Residents at the Jones-Harrison Senior Living complex participated in Chaplain Chat, a three-times-a month gathering with Chaplain Monica Powers where Powers leads group members on discussions about religious as well as other topics. Here, Jones-Harrison Senior Living complex residents Colleen Jackson, right to left, and Anne Klein, were eager to get started in July.

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