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Critical Role of LPN in
Long-Term Care

Monday, June 20, 2022

LPNs - feeling stressed and overwhelmed? Wondering what the state requires of an LPN working in assisted living settings?

Learn the new laws that impact all LPNs that work in long-term care settings and get helpful information on the value of empathetic care and tips to help provide that care.

This webinar offers


  • Overview of the new assisted living regulations that impact nursing practice and offer greater protection of both staff and residents. Learn both your rights and responsibilities.

  • Enhanced understanding and practical strategies for providing person-centered care with empathy despite the ongoing challenges affecting long term care communities.

  • Encouragement for Clinical Nurse Supervisors and Community Directors to appreciate and support of the powerful value of empathic LPN care.



Kristine Sundberg, Executive Director of Elder Voice Advocates

Nancy M Haugen, RN, MS PHN

Webinar Presentation

Slide deck presentation on the Vital Role of the LPN in Long-Term Care.

Nurse Relevant Law

Excerpts taken for MN Home Care, Assisted Living and Housing with Services Laws.

LPN Handout

A problem-solving approach to behavioral expressions, responses, and reactions

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